Allcot will be in Fitur with in Pavilion 8 Stand: 8A22

Allcot will be in the International Tourism Trade Fair, Fitur, the 28th, 29th and 30th January with in Pavilion 8 Stand: 8A22, to promote their sustainability initiatives and sustainable tourism., an application for booking hotel rooms at the last minute, is one of the companies which rely on Allcot. They signed a 10 years agreement and thanks to it becomes the first application to commit to offsetting the carbon footprint of all hotel nights systematically.

Recent studies revealed that a tourist emits between 10kg and 102kg of CO2 for each night that they spent in a room. offsets 100 kg of CO2 per stay booked through the application without additional cost to the client.

It is a pioneer initiative in the sector both nationally and globally. There is no operator in the field of hotel bookings to offset the carbon footprint automatically and for all stays.

Also, neutralize emissions for all hotel bookings done through Meta Searches

The environmental project selected for the offsetting is the Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD Project registered under the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). The main activity of the project is to stop the planned deforestation activities and to instead conserve the forest area as a carbon sink. This forest protection project was selected not only for its environmental benefits, but also for the extended sustainability benefits the project delivers.

To get a more visual idea of this initiative, participation in this project involves the protection of 148 hectares (366 acres) of endangered forest per year. This is about the size of 5686 tennis courts.