Getafe CF to sell new range of merchandise made of wood thanks to its agreement with Allcot

Getafe FC has expanded its range of merchandising products and is now selling sunglasses, watches, pens, USB keys and iPhone 5 covers made of wood and sporting the Getafe CF brand. All the items can be purchased in the official store and in the stadium.

In addition, Getafe FC has put on sale bracelets crafted by Brazil’s Quilombola Ivaporunduva community from Vale do Ribeira, located in Sao Paulo state.  Quilombola communities are groups whose ancestors were victims of slavery in Brazil. These rural communities are located in impoverished, remote regions where they practice subsistence farming of bananas and other staple crops.

Crafted using banana tree fibres and other natural raw materials, items like these bracelets represent an important alternative source of income for the Quilombo Ivaporunduva. This contributes to improving the quality of life of the community and the preservation of the forest known as Mata Atlantica.

With this initiative, Getafe CF continues to demonstrate its support for environmental protection and for disadvantaged communities.