The phenomenon that is Prince Ea’s new video ‘Dear Future Generations: Sorry’ on behalf of Stand for Trees

The internet phenomenon that is Price Ea’s new video ‘Dear Future Generations: Sorry’ continues to grow. With nearly 53 million views of the video on his facebook page in only 9 days, the rapper and activist has hit a chord with environmental supporters – and everyday people.

In it, he raps an apology to future generations for the loss of the Amazon Rainforest and posits other environmental disasters due to contemporary greed, ignorance and disinterest. It is a moving and thought-provoking commentary and has generated an enormous social buzz on behalf of the Stand for Trees campaign that it is a part of.

Stand for Trees was created by Code REDD, an NGO that ALLCOT is a member of, to spread awareness about and sells tonnes of offsets from 11 REDD+ (Reduced Emissisons from Deforestation and Degradation) projects that all have strong social and community benefits, as well as clear environmental gains. Stand for Trees is supported by a grant from USAID and aims to ‘empower everyday citizens to take direct action to protect endangered forests and reduce the impacts of climate change’.

The popularity of Prince Ea’s message and his ability to reach so many individuals is a first for REDD+, and takes the methodology and projects out of the ‘carbon industry‘ and into the mainstream.

‘What if we all stood up for trees and saved a tonne?’

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