Don’t miss the ALLCOT presentation at LACCF 2014!

Grattan MacGiffin, the CCO of ALLCOT Group will look at the role offsetting plays in business sustainability, using real life examples including the Spanish football club, Getafe CF.

The presentation will consider stakeholder engagement and how this can create a ripple-effect of associated financial and reputational benefits. Dirk Forrister, the Chief Executive of IETA will also participate and take questions from Mr MacGiffin and the floor.


Session Title: Implementing Sustainability into Everyday Businesses by Means of Offsetting
Time: Thursday 4th September at14:00-15:00
Room: Salon 2-3, Floor 2 (in the main LACCF 2014 grounds)






ALLCOT at the 8th Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum

ALLCOT Group, one of the LACCF 2014 Outreach Supporting Organizations, will be among more than 800 local, regional and international participants from private, public and the financial sectors at the eighth Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF), which will be held from 03-05 September at the Compensar Convention Centre (Avenida 68 No.49A – 47), in Bogotá, Colombia.

LACCF is a free of charge regional conference and exhibition platform established in 2006 to promote knowledge and information sharing while facilitating business opportunity environments among main carbon market stakeholders.

This annual Conference and Exhibition is jointly organized by the World Bank, the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the UNEP DTU Partnership, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and CAF, the Development Bank of Latin America.

The LACCF is the pre-eminent regional ‘Pulse Taking’ and ‘Business to Business’ platform. It brings together leading individuals and organizations in the field to share knowledge and information, discuss new tendencies, propose solutions, and identify business opportunities in a rapidly changing area towards low carbon economies and societies.

The core objective of the LACCF is to bring together main stakeholders of the climate change mitigation arena and the carbon markets. In addition, The LACCF promotes a discussion and exchange of experiences among these stakeholders and provide participants with the latest developments regarding emissions trading schemes, low emission development and the future of the carbon markets.

The Forum also facilitates debates around the international and national climate change mitigation policies to promote greenhouse gases (GHG) emission reductions. Finally the LACCF seeks new impulses for increasing a higher volume of low carbon investments in Latin American and the Caribbean.

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Getafe C.F. and ALLCOT groundbreaking Global Sustainability Partnership


Spanish Primera Liga football club, Getafe C.F. has agreed a landmark collaboration with ALLCOT Group, a leading sustainability solutions provider. Under the terms of this 5 year commitment, Getafe C.F. becomes “one of the leading environmental and socially sustainable first tier clubs in Europe”.

Through the agreement, Getafe C.F. will demonstrate its environmental commitment and support of climate-friendly operations by neutralizing the greenhouse gases (GHG) it produces. It will support a forestry project with wide-ranging social benefits to the local communities; an innovative sustainable merchandising initiative using sustainable timber sourced from the forestry project will provide much needed economic benefits.

The club is enabling its fans to select the specific forestry project themselves from a voting page on the website, where there is a choice of three independently validated and verified forestry projects according to the respected Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

This agreement between Getafe C.F. and ALLCOT Group represents a significant and long-term commitment to environmental awareness, and places Getafe C.F. at the forefront of sustainability and global citizenship.

Allcot Group is admitted as a new member to Code REDD

Allcot Group was recently admitted as a new member to Code REDD, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and scale the REDD+ mechanism to realize its full potential to empower people, preserve forests, protect wildlife, and reduce emissions.

Specifically, the objectives of Code REDD are to engage and build demand within the private sector by educating, fostering awareness, and communicating the real value of REDD+; Align and build support for REDD+ within climate policies, environmental reporting, and development priorities; and Build, unite, and advance the global REDD+ community.

Code REDD’s ecosystem of stakeholders make up a diverse platform of project developers, NGOs, companies, and multilateral bodies. The community builds collaboration, shared support, and awareness for REDD+ stakeholders.

Code REDD’s platform of supported projects are already in a dozen countries – benefitting over a million rural community members, creating over 1,000 sustainable jobs, preserving over 19.2 million acres of forest, protecting over 90 endangered/threatened species, and reducing 17.3 million metric tonnes of annual CO2e emissions. And these numbers are growing every day.

As a Code REDD partner, Allcot Group looks forward to leveraging and sharing its extensive experience in climate mitigation and to help Code REDD deliver on its goals.








IHP neutralizes office emissions with ALLCOT

IHP (International Hospitality Projects), commits to sustainable business by offsetting emissions from activities associated with energy consumption in their facilities in collaboration with ALLCOT. These emissions have been offset by means of a voluntary contribution toward one of the environmental projects of ALLCOT Group.

The environmental project selected for the offsetting was the Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD Project registered under the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). The CIKEL Brazilian Amazon REDD APD Project aims to avoid emissions from planned deforestation on a property in Paragominas Municipality, Para state, Brazil. The main activity of the CIKEL Brazilian Amazon REDD APD Project is the cancelation of the planned deforestation activities and decision to instead conserve the forest area and continue limited forest management activities in the area.

So, the objective is to conserve the forest area and continue limited forest management activities in the area under Forest Stewardship Council® Certification (FSC®) with Low Impact Logging (SFMLIL) practices.

With the carbon offset certificate, IHP has showed its responsibility and commitment to the environment and society by combating climate change.

International Hospitality Projects has decided to offset their carbon footprint as a sign of their strong commitment to sustainability. An action that demonstrates the commitment to their projects, some as important as the definition of the Sustainability Plan for Confortel Hotels chain, or energy efficiency plans for Travelodge Hotels Spain, among others.

An ALLCOT offsetting initiative bears fruit as 2013 emissions are neutralized follows through with their total commitment to neutralizing hotel emissions done through their mobile hotel reservation application with a sector leading commitment of 2,000 tons of greenhouse gases offset.

Starting from early 2013, an application for booking hotel rooms at the last minute, become the first application to commit to offsetting the carbon footprint of all hotel nights systematically. The initiative was developed together with ALLCOT.’s automatic offsetting solution is the first of its kind in the hotel reservation sector. No other hotel reservations operator, from the biggest to the smallest, both nationally and internationally, is offering an automatic carbon offsetting solution for the entire duration of a hotel stay.

In February 2014 consolidated the total bookings done in 2013 and delivered on its sustainability commitment by offsetting a total of 2,000 tons of carbon emissions that resulted from the bookings done through the application.

The environmental project selected for the offsetting was the Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD Project registered under the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). The main activity of the project is to stop the planned deforestation activities and to instead conserve the forest area as a carbon sink. This forest protection project was selected not only for its environmental benefits, but also for the extended sustainability benefits the project delivers.

To put the commitment into more visual terms, the emissions offset of 2,000 tons in the Cikel REDD project represents the protection of 148 hectares (366 acres) of the endangered forest for a period of one year. This is roughly the size of 5,686 tennis courts.

Compliance Market Price Update

The largest compliance market, the EU ETS has been propped up by the EC supply cut decision earlier this week, with EUAs rising to €6.54, that’s up 38 cents.  This movement is supported by the decision that the European Parliament agreed to speed up the approval of a carbon-market rescue plan to prop the low prices.

Although the week has been turbulent in the EU ETS and the weekly price hike being the best in the last 9 months, we would advise caution as the price will most likely rally to higher levels before dipping slightly as the markets are likely to overreact to the cutback decision.

ALLCOT Primary products at a glance


Innovative forest project used to offset emissions of the G8 Young Summit

ALLCOT Group retires 81 tons of emissions offsets on behalf of the G8YS from the REDD+ Purus Project to offset the event emissions.


ALLCOT Group  has supported the Summit with the donation of carbon offsets, neutralizing the environmental impact of the 2013 G8 Young Summit, an event that was held in London, UK.

The emissions covered for the offsetting covers those resulting from the use of the venue during the summit, as well as from attendees’ travel to and from the event. The exact number of offsets involved was calculated after the event, in cooperation with the summit organisers, based on the facility, as well as the number of attendees and the distance they travelled, resulting in a total of 81 tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions. All of which have been offset through a highly rated forestry project.

The summit is a unique invitation-only event that brings together the young leaders of tomorrow in the fields of business, politics, philanthropy and policy, ahead of the annual meetings of the G8.

The offsets have been generated by the Purus Project, which reduces emissions from deforestation and degradation in Acre, Brazil. It is protecting more than 85,000 acres of rare and threatened tropical rainforest in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

The ‘REDD+’ project is validated to both the Verified Carbon Standard and the Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard, ensuring the highest levels of environmental and social integrity.

As well as protecting the rainforest, thus reducing carbon emissions, the project will fund new school buildings and facilities, and the local community’s first health clinic.

For more information:

 Contact at G8 Young Summit:

Rachel Cohen Gerrol

 Contact at ALLCOT:

Rosa Brosé
Corporate Communication



An innovative environmental and social initiative modelled by ALLCOT whereby clothing sold by ITGIRL BERLIN will be embedded with an environmentally friendly component to combat climate change.

(World) – ALLCOT – a company with sustainable development as its focus – in collaboration with the ITGIRL BERLIN fashion label launches an environmentally friendly and sustainable program where CO2 and equivalent emissions are reduced through the retirement of carbon credits.

The allocation of 100kg of emissions reduction toward each sale far surpasses the actual emissions resulting from the its estimated lifetime, including production, logistics, care and ultimate disposal of the items. As a result, his environmental component is should be considered more extensive initiative than simply an emissions offset as it represents a deeper participation in the sustainability efforts.

Alexis Leroy, ALLCOT founder and CEO, explains: “Fashion has always mirrored societies’ evolutions. The integration of measurable and verified sustainable components within fashion vanguard, in today’s world, eloquently illustrates that fact.

ITGIRL BERLIN –  ALLCOT ’s initiative goes beyond carbon neutrality: it encompasses both social and ecological dimensions by supporting  landmark projects generating carbon credits that will be systematically retired for each ITGIRL BERLIN fashion wear sold.

The level of 100kg CO2 per outlet shows a strong and significant commitment from ITGIRL BERLIN into citizenship and sets a unique precedent in the industry.

For more information:



Nicolai Colshorn


Contact at ALLCOT:

Rosa Brosé
Corporate Communication




“Allcot Sustainability Challenge” is a campaign to benefit Allcot’s carbon neutral projects. It features Team Earth and Team Water, which participants can join and donate on behalf of their team to benefit various carbon neutral projects. Teams compete by adding to their number in order to out-give the opposing team before the end of the event on April 22, 2014.  

The main objective of Team Earth’s REDD project is to prevent and avoid unplanned deforestation of the native forests. The main objective of Team Water’s hydropower project is to provide energy to the Columbian Interconnected System displacing energy produced by non-renewable energy.

This campaign has been developed together with Sharemeister, a social enterprise marketing company that integrates giving into everyday life. “We are very excited to being working with Sharemeister.  Our partnership provides the first outlet for consumers and business to offset their carbon footprint in a shared fashion,” says Alexis L. Leroy, CEO at Allcot Group. “This platform gives us a way to combine competition with collective-funding that makes improving the planet, fun and impactful.” 

How It Works

Sharemeister has created several unique ways to benefit your favorite causes.  Access a “Giving Toolbox” to integrate your debit, credit, and reward card to Sharemeister and earn “Shares” (S!) from everyday purchases with registered merchants.  Purchases at retailers help you give to your favorite causes with no additional cost to your wallet.

Additionally, people can join a competition to benefit their favorite causes on behalf of their team, earn giving rewards, and win the event.  “Shares” (S!) can also be earned by spending time online using the Sharemeister browser application for Firefox.  The application is ad-based and converts the time spent online into money for causes at no out-of-pocket expense. Download Sharemeister mobile application for Android and iOS devices or visit the Sharemeister website to learn more.

Participants earn “Shares” (S!) by using their Giving Toolbox, which are converted into monetary donations for registered nonprofits at Sharemeister, including carbon neutral projects in the “Allcot Sustainability Challenge.”

Recently, the company partnered with Mapco Express – a retail gas station – located in nearly 400 locations across 8 mid-west and southern states.  Consumers can go to Sharemeister and register their My Mapco Reward$ Card to convert their points from everyday purchases into “Shares” (S!).  Shares (S!) can be donated to any registered nonprofit at Sharemeister as designated by the consumer – including the “Allcot Sustainability Challenge.”

“Technology is giving us new ways to positively impact our lives, our communities, and our planet,” says Jonathan Hoeflinger, Co-founder of Sharemeister, “Who knew you could fill up at the gas station and offset your carbon footprint at the same time?”

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