The ALLCOT group provided carbon offsets  for TEDxWallStreet’s 2013 event, “Filling the Void”, held on October 30 at the New York Stock Exchange.  TEDxWallStreet is a radical departure from the expected finance conference, instead, TEDxWallStreet provides an exciting platform for the brightest, most inspiring minds in and around the Wall Street community to share ideas worth spreading. This is an independently organized TEDx event operated under a license from TED.

The ALLCOT Group was proud to partner with TEDxWallStreet to provide a 100% carbon neutral event.

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IETA Board of Directors has formally approved The Allcot Group’s membership in the association

ALLCOT Group has been formally accepted as a member of the International Emission Trading Association or IETA, a nonprofit business organization created in June 1999 to establish a functional international framework for trading in greenhouse gas emission reductions.

The membership of IETA includes leading international companies from across the carbon trading cycle. IETA members seek to develop an emissions trading regime that results in real and verifiable greenhouse gas emission reductions, while balancing economic efficiency with environmental integrity and social equity.

In total, IETA comprises more than 150 international companies from OECD and non-OECD countries. And now, ALLCOT Group is one of them.

As an IETA member, ALLCOT will actively participate in the association’s work groups. These work groups cover a wide range activities related to the climate and carbon markets, such as forestry, REDD, voluntary markets, market oversight, and how decisions in the US and EU are affecting players and investors, directly and indirectly. Also, these groups cover market developments from across the world – China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Africa, and more.

This membership combine with The Climate Markets and Investment Association or CMIA positions ALLCOT Group among the institutional leaders of our industry. CMIA is recognized as a leader among progressive trade associations with regards to incentivising low-carbon and resource efficient investment through market mechanism, pre-compliance markets, or climate and sustainable finance mechanisms.







ALLCOT visits The FT Global Renewable Energy Summit in London, 22. October

The Summit bring together leading renewable energy and utility leaders, government decision makers, economists, financiers and investors to discover how the economic, financial and political framework for renewables is evolving, and to assess the implications of growing renewable deployment for the future shape of the energy industry.

Dana Hanby representing ALLCOT at the Summit has written a summary of key topics discussed at the event in a blog that has been published at the CMIA website.

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Innovative forest project to offset emissions of G8 Young Summit



10 May, LONDON: Allcot Group will offset all the emissions associated with the G8 Young Summit, being held in London, the UK, this weekend (May 11-12th).

The summit is a unique invitation-only event that brings together the young leaders of tomorrow in the fields of business, politics, philanthropy and policy, ahead of the annual meetings of the G8.

Allcot – the Switzerland-based climate mitigation project developer and trader – is to offset all the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the use of the venue during the summit, as well as from attendees’ travel to and from the event. The exact number of offsets involved will be calculated after the event, in cooperation with the summit organisers, based on the number of attendees and the distance they travelled.

“We are delighted that Allcot is supporting the Summit with the donation of carbon offsets, helping to neutralise the environmental impact of the event,” said Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman of the G8 Young Summit. “Climate change is one of the most crucial challenges facing the next generation of leaders, and companies like Allcot are leading the way in showing how business, finance and markets can be harnessed to address greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Allcot Group is proud to sponsor the G8 Young Summit – a unique event that promises to engage the leaders of tomorrow in building a better world,” says Alexis L Leroy, Allcot’s CEO and Founder. “Environmental markets have a vital role in addressing the sustainability challenges facing this generation and the next, and this offset project in particular shows how they can be used to protect some of the world’s most important and vulnerable ecosystems.”

The offsets have been generated by the Purus Project, which reduces emissions from deforestation and degradation in Acre, Brazil. It is protecting more than 85,000 acres of rare and threatened tropical rainforest in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

The ‘REDD+’ project is validated to both the Verified Carbon Standard and the Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard, ensuring the highest levels of environmental and social integrity.

As well as protecting the rainforest, thus reducing carbon emissions, the project will fund new school buildings and facilities, and the local community’s first health clinic.



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Rachel Cohen Gerrol, the first hotel reservation “application” that systematically offsets the carbon footprint for all reservations

Recent studies show that between 10kg to 102kg of Green House Emissions are emitted, per room, per night, during a hotel stay.

The Mobile hotel reservation application systematically offsets 100 kg of CO2 for each night booked through its service, at no additional cost to the Customer.’s automatic offsetting solution is the first of its kind in the hotel reservation sector. No other hotel reservations operator, from the biggest to the smallest, both nationally and internationally, is offering an automatic carbon offsetting solution for the entire duration of a hotel stay.

Madrid, January 28, 2013 –, an application for booking hotel rooms at the last minute, has become the first application to offset the carbon footprint of hotel nights. Last year had over 80,000 downloads for their booking application.

Today has signed an exclusive agreement with Allcot, whereby pledges to purchase from Allcot 100 kg of CO2 offsets per hotel night booked through their application. will purchase the emission carbon allowances through Allcot who in turn will “retire” the equivalent amount from the carbon market, effectively removing’s emissions from our atmosphere.

Furthermore, Allcot will certify that is delivering on its commitment to eliminate the carbon footprint of its customers.
Recent studies indicate that the amount of carbon emissions emitted per hotel room is between 10 kg and 102 kg1 per night, depending on the weather, hotel location, the room, the size of the hotel, etc. Consequently, the 100 kg of emissions that will be offset for each room booked through will cover, in most cases, not only the room, but the other correlated emissions which are emitted by the guest the hotel stay.
This initiative elevates to the forefront of travel companies committed to the environment. With the elimination of the carbon footprint, the trip of those who book a room through will be a good deal more environmentally friendly.

It is important to mention that is not applying any surcharge to its clients during the booking process for the offsetting, thereby allowing their clients to continue enjoying their usual discounts of up to 50% on the price of hotel rooms. is pioneering a novel approach in the hotel reservation sector both. No other hotel reservations operator, both nationally and internationally, is offering automatic emission reduction services for the entire duration of a hotel stay that not only cover the room emissions, but also the supplementary emissions that result from the stay at the hotel.

Alexis Leroy, Allcot founder and CEO, explains: “For tourists, becoming carbon neutral involves calculating their carbon footprint, the approximate amount of carbon dioxide produced on flights, ground travel or when fossil fuels are utilized, these are offset by buying emission allowances (allocating funds toward projects that have invested into emission reducing technologies).”

For Conor O’Connor, founder and CEO of, this venture “gives even more value to the services because the traveller will not only save money on the room reservation, but will also eliminate their carbon footprint, making their trip more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

About is an application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones that allows the user to book hotel rooms at the “last minute”. The application offers a small variety of hotels with discounts up to 50% on the best rate of the day on any given day.
The aim of is to allow users to locate a hotel room in a city of their choice at a reduced rate for same day booking. Subsequently, is able to provide citywide results for the best prices at all times.
When it comes to hotels, is able to offer real time reservations on any available rooms at any time of day. As a real time application’s application can therefore provide the most competitive prices for immediate booking. is a Spanish company at the leading edge of hotel reservation sector with its unique ability to procure hotel reservation bookings through mobile applications.

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About Allcot
Allcot develops, manages and trades in all sectors related with climate mitigation, focusing on sustainable development through energy trading and building successful partnerships with companies who value the environment.

Solutions offered by Allcot are customized and designed to improve business operations at all levels, from operation development to carbon portfolio management, covering all needs of today’s climate conscious entities.

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