Costa Rica has reached an 81% of its Carbon Neutrality Goal for 2021

The Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica (MINAE) presented the progress on the carbon neutrality goal for 2021 and he said that the country is within 81% of its compliance goal. The data analyzed up until March of this year.

“There is only 19% more needed to reach the goal, which should be achieved by reducing emissions from the transport and industrial sector. The projection is that the programs that are promoting reforestation projects in the country will increase its forest coverage by 56% by 2021,” said René Castro, Minister of Environment.

Currently the country has a forest cover of 52%, offsetting 81% of their emissions and leaving 19% to be reduced, according to Castro. “The country has given conditions to reach the target in 2021 and Costa Rica has not forgotten that goal”, he said

MINAE recently managed the creation of the first environmental bank, dedicated to buy bonds emissions and reduce the impact of their carbon footprint.

Costa Rica announced in 2009 its intention to become carbon neutral as a society by 2021. It has enacted a series of ambitious measures to realize that goal, such as using budgeting, laws, and incentives, including measures to promote biofuels, hybrid vehicles, and clean energy.

Another key component of the national strategy is the “C-Neutral” label to certify that tourism and certain industrial practices mitigate all of the carbon dioxide they emit.