Banco Popular, first company in Ibex 35 that gets the tag CeroCO2 by offsetting 100% of its direct emissions

Banco Popular has become the first company listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange that get the “Label Offset CeroCO2”, given by Ecology and Development Foundation (ECODES). This achievement has been reached after calculating and offsetting 100% of its direct emissions of CO2 in 2013.

Banco Popular has received this certification after “calculating CO2 emissions from activities associated with energy consumption in its facilities and emissions from its vehicles. Banco Popular has offset their total emissions by investing in one of the projects of the initiative CeroCO2.

The selected project was “Scolel Te”, located in Chiapas (Mexico). It is a project that aims to sequester carbon within restoration forests and agroforestry systems and enhance the livelihoods of rural farming communities in Mexico. This encourages the involvement of small farmers and generates positive impacts in rural areas of society, in the economy and in the environment.

“These impacts are involved in the protection of biodiversity, soil and water sources. 2437 small farmers participate in this project and the fact that Banco Popular has offset its emissions has meant for them an increase in household income”, said sources of the bank. “Scoel Te” is a registered Plan Vivo project.