Guests at hotels in Spain and in US recognize the worth of its environmental commitment

People who stay in hotels in Spain and in US recognize the worth of its environmental commitment, according to two studies.

A survey of guests at 6,850 hotels in Spain found that the guests gave higher satisfaction ratings to hotels that held the ISO 14001 certification than to hotels without the certification. The ISO 14001 standard specifies a path for the continuous improvement and the control of a firm’s environmental performance.

The study explored the differences in the overall customer ratings for the certified hotels overall and for several individual services and attributes, including housekeeping and overall comfort.

Interestingly, the most significant differences were found between upscale 4-star hotels with and those without certification, while differences relating to certification in 5- and 3-star hotels were muted.

The results imply that acquiring ISO 14001 certification may give upscale hotels a distinctive asset that leads them to a competitive advantage over similar non-certified properties. Moreover, ISO 14001 seems to contribute to the value creation by the hotels, based on their higher guest ratings.

On the other hand, another recent study examines the impact of eco-certifications on two aspects of resource efficiency in hotel operations in US—operational efficiency and guest-driven efficiency.

The researchers analyze the effect of the’s ecoleaf label, which designates hotels that have received eco-certification from any of several organizations.  They analyze the relationship between eco-certifications and resource efficiency driven by both operations and customers and they found that eco-certified hotels recorded higher operations-driven and customer-driven resource efficiency.