World Cup visitors can offset their carbon footprint for free

People who have tickets for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil but worried that the jet travel required to get to matches will contribute to global warming can be calm. FIFA said it will cover the cost of programs to neutralize carbon emissions related to travel.

FIFA and BP Target Neutral, a not-for-profit carbon management program run by British energy company BP Plc, launched an online system where ticket holders worldwide can sign up to have their carbon footprints neutralized: Participants will compete to win a pair of tickets for the tournament’s final. The website is

The World Cup in continent-size Brazil will probably produce total emissions of heat-trapping gases at 3.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), compared to around 2.7 million tonnes in South Africa.

FIFA said it will use offsets from Brazil-based projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. BP Target Neutral is in charge of selecting those projects and will announce the chosen ones in June. The program said that it should focus sustainable forest management, biomass energy in manufacturing and climate friendly power generation. They will also look to include projects that reduce emissions by avoiding deforestation in areas holding vulnerable species.

BP said FIFA will offset the equivalent of 250,000 tonnes of CO2e to cover its operational needs, in addition to the volume that will come from the online system.

BP Target Neutral is one of the best -for-profit carbon management programs and Allcot has worked with them. In fact, Allcot was selected as one of the suppliers for the high quality VER tender for use of the offsets by BP. Also, Allcot was invited to the tender organized by BP to offer our projects.