Allcot Group is admitted as a new member to Code REDD

Allcot Group was recently admitted as a new member to Code REDD, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and scale the REDD+ mechanism to realize its full potential to empower people, preserve forests, protect wildlife, and reduce emissions.

Specifically, the objectives of Code REDD are to engage and build demand within the private sector by educating, fostering awareness, and communicating the real value of REDD+; Align and build support for REDD+ within climate policies, environmental reporting, and development priorities; and Build, unite, and advance the global REDD+ community.

Code REDD’s ecosystem of stakeholders make up a diverse platform of project developers, NGOs, companies, and multilateral bodies. The community builds collaboration, shared support, and awareness for REDD+ stakeholders.

Code REDD’s platform of supported projects are already in a dozen countries – benefitting over a million rural community members, creating over 1,000 sustainable jobs, preserving over 19.2 million acres of forest, protecting over 90 endangered/threatened species, and reducing 17.3 million metric tonnes of annual CO2e emissions. And these numbers are growing every day.

As a Code REDD partner, Allcot Group looks forward to leveraging and sharing its extensive experience in climate mitigation and to help Code REDD deliver on its goals.