Panasonic establishes ambitious sustainability targets

Companies invest in sustainability more and more frequently. Panasonic Asia Pacific is one of them and it has launched its Eco Declaration Framework, a global initiative in which the company announces a set of environmental sustainability targets for a three-year timeframe that it will adhere to.

In its latest declaration in June, the company’s Asia Pacific office pledged that by March 2016, its range of eco-friendly home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens and televisions in Southeast Asia and Oceania will cut carbon emissions by 8 million tonnes across their lifespan.

The company will meet their targets by enhancing the energy and resource efficiency of individual products, such as increasing the energy savings of air conditioners by 65 per cent, and making washing machines 45 per cent more efficient.

Under the Eco Declaration initiative, the company’s regional offices set targets appropriate to their specific region. In Europe, for example, the firm has also pledged to cut carbon emissions by 10,000 tonnes across its European manufacturing sites, achieve 99 per cent recycling rates in its operations and deliver a 5 per cent reduction in waste amounts relative to production. The company aims to meet all these targets by 2016.

These targets help Panasonic fulfil its environmental commitments, it also helps the company accrue cost savings and create new business opportunities.

Indeed, Panasonic’s innovations in energy efficient electronics have led to collaborations with other businesses and governments on projects that make cities smart and sustainable through the deployment of technology, products and solutions, and the provision of technical advice.