ALLCOT strikes a strategic partnership with Atlântica Simbios

ALLCOT and Atlântica Simbios expand territories through an extensive collaboration agreement brought to life at the Latin American Carbon Credit Forum (LACCF) in early September.


ALLCOT in collaboration with the Atlântica Simbios, a leading Brazilian environmental consultancy launch a partnership in jointly addressing the growing demands of both the Latin American and European markets.

ALLCOT broadens its product portfolio and geographical reach by signing a landmark strategic partnership with ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS, a leading Brazilian environmental services company. It has expertise in corporate greenhouse gas measurement, ecosystem restoration, low carbon agricultural, livestock and forestry project development in the North, Midwest and Southern regions of Brazil. Corporate clients include Abengoa Bioenergy, Dow AgroSciences, Eni Group Gas Brasiliano, Holcim Brasil, Guarani Group (Tereos) and The Nature Conservancy.

Grattan MacGiffin, Chief Commercial Officer of ALLCOT Group: ‘’We are delighted to partner with ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS and are excited by the added reach it will provide our clients, both in terms of services and location. With a growing demand from our Latin American clients for increasingly sophisticated solutions, ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS are the ideal partner to help us grow this key market.’’

Rangel Romao, Director of ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS: ‘’We are very pleased to achieve this point of understanding between our companies, ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS and ALLCOT, with the celebration of this solid agreement. We found in Allcot’s work, trajectory and team a solid relationship, high level  performance and technical responsibility. The best values of a very dynamic and highly motivated team makes us very happy and confident in working together and in our joint future. Since the beginning of negotiations we were guided by high level objectives and perspectives. The possibility of having our products and services added to Allcot’s portfolio and range of regions and countries where it is present is extremely important to ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS future plans.”


About Atlântica Simbios

ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS is an environmental consulting and services company established in 1999 in Ribeirão Preto, state of São Paulo, Brazil. With experience preparing and executing environmental projects in Southeast, Midwest and Northern Regions of Brazil. The company provides an end-to-end consultancy service, from initial feasibility study to project approval through to development completion.

ATLÂNTICA SIMBIOS’ work goes beyond legal compliance requirements and aims to add market and institutional value for its clients by monitoring the future legislation as well emerging environmental commodity markets’ trends.