ALLCOT at the 9th Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum

ALLCOT Group, one of the LACCF 2015 Outreach Supporting Organizations, was among more than 800 local, regional and international participants from private, public and the financial sectors at the ninth Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF), which was held from 09-11 September, in Santiago de Chile, Chile.

LACCF is a free of charge regional conference and exhibition platform established in 2006 to promote knowledge and information sharing while facilitating business opportunity environments among main carbon market stakeholders.

Specifically, ALLCOT participated in LACCF with a presentation to be given by Sebastian del Valle, Origination and Strategy Director of the company, titled How to commercialise your carbon credits in today’s markets.

The presentation dealed with the most pressing question in carbon currently – how to sell one’s own credits? A brief assessment of historic sales of carbon was followed by the current retirement and demand trends, including drivers like the global growth of corporate sustainability.

Hundreds of millions of tonnes of offsets are bought every year proving that market oversupply does not preclude all sales of credits. It explains sales enabling tools such as professional marketing (PINs, videos); dedicated project websites with online shops; the use of social media and intelligent ‘widgets’ that enable sales of credits on any website.

Also,It made the case that successful selling of credits is possible, without the need of expensive intermediaries and conclude by outlining future trends such as using the UNFCCC’s push to enable voluntary retirement of CERs.

The aim was to educate project owners and all the other attendees who are sitting on unsold credits, that selling your own credits in the international markets is possible, which tools and which approach to use.

ALLCOT are qualified to talk about this due to its long experience of both compliance and voluntary market sales, innovative product development and range of clients including Getafe CF and Ferrero, who recently appointed ALLCOT as exclusive sales partners for their own carbon project.

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