Approved the article that allocates resources to combat part of the deforestation in the Colombian Amazon

The plenary of the House of Representatives of Colombia, in debate for the National Development Plan (PND) 2018-2022, approved the article that allocates resources to combat part of the deforestation in the Colombian Amazon.

The percentage currently allocated to “Colombia in Peace”, the fund that aims to serve as an instance of execution and articulation of resources for the implementation of the Final Peace Agreement, has earmarked zero percent of resources for Environment and Sustainable Development.

The paper initially proposed an additional five percent, but with the proposal of representative Juan Carlos Losada, it was possible to reach 15 percent.

Losada, the author of the initiative, said that “Article 84 of the PND will allocate 15 percent of the resources from the carbon tax for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, that is, about 20 billion to stop deforestation in the most strategic area of our country in environmental terms”.

Following this initiative, the final article was like this:

Article 84 Conservation of forests in the Amazon region. Of the resources coming from the carbon tax, specifically from the “Colombia in Peace” category, an exclusive 15 percent will be allocated for the conservation of the forests of the Amazon region; since this region contains the largest extension of forests nationwide, constituting the territory as a center of sustainable economic and environmental development for the country, for the biodiversity it houses. With its preservation it helps in a positive way to reverse the ecological imbalance that currently exists due to the impact of human activities on the environment “.


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