Affif Campos Sefair and Nicolas Roduner join as new Director and Commercial Manager respectively at ALLCOT Colombia

Affif Campos Sefair has become the new Director of ALLCOT Colombia. Francisco Charry, who until now held this position, leaves the company to begin a new professional stage: he will occupy a high position in the public sector. He will work as the new Director of Climate Change and Risk Management of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia.

Affif Campos Sefair has a long experience. He is a Professional in Business Administration and Law, specialization in Environmental Law. He is qualified for job performance as an advisor and consultant in specific areas of management and administrative logistics, with extensive knowledge in labor law, human resources and execution of processes by objectives.

In recent years he has provided freelance services of legal consulting, recruitment and environmental in the private area with Environmental Business and Technologies Ltda. He also has experience in management positions in the public sector, in which activities of management and planning of the Government Office and Institutional Development of the Mayor’s Office of Chía, in Cundinamarca, were developed.

For his part, Nicolas Roduner will work as Commercial Manager at ALLCOT Colombia. In recent years he has provided technical, regulatory and strategic advisory services to public and private customers on renewable investment decisions and on the policy framework within the Swiss and the EU ETS. He has also worked on projects to reduce emissions in Latin America and has given support in the implementation and promotion of energy districts in Colombia.

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