Start Fitness Club, carbon neutral thanks to its agreement with ALLCOT

Start Fitness Club, located in Nice (France), has become carbon neutral thanks to its agreement with ALLCOT, which has calculated the emissions generated by the club in 2017. Also, ALLCOT carried out the offsetting process. This is the first fitness club in France to calculate and offset their emissions, so this initiative shows its commitment to sustainability.

The GHG emissions of Start Fitness Club came from the generation of purchased electricity consumed by the company. Also, some of them are a result of the water consumption, and the emissions generated in the production of some goods they bought during the last year due to the activity of the club, and their correspondent waste.

After knowing the emissions they generated, Daniel Hallifax, owner of Start Fitness Club,  decided to offset them. The offsetting of CO2 consists of an economic investment in projects that are usually in developing countries that eliminate from the atmosphere a volume of emissions equivalent to the amount produced elsewhere.

The project chosen by the club to offset their emissions is the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation (RMDLT) in Pará, Brazil. This project supports the fragile ecosystem of the Amazonian rainforest by preventing deforestation and giving degraded forests an opportunity to regenerate. It will prevent net emissions of more than 20 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent over the project’s 40 year lifetime. This project also supports 130 families living by subsistence agriculture and provides protected habitats for animals in danger of extinction.

The 1st Congress of Ecotourism of the Campo de Gibraltar, carbon neutral thanks to ALLCOT

1st Congress of Ecotourism

Algeciras (Cádiz) hosted the 1st Ecotourism Congress of the Campo de Gibraltar from June 5 to 7. The event will be carbon neutral thanks to the agreement reached between the organizers and ALLCOT. This means that the greenhouse gas emissions produced in the event will be calculated and will be offset.

Among the great goals of the 1st Congress of Ecotourism of the Campo de Gibraltar were the correct planning and regulation of activities, the exchange of professional experiences and success stories, product trends, and the knowledge of useful keys for the professional development of the activity, ranging from ecotourism awareness and demand, marketing tools or strategies for promotion, to good practices or the lines of grants and subsidies.

The Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz) can boast an exceptional and unique geographical situation: in the extreme south of Europe, a few miles from the northern coasts of Africa and in front of the Bay of Algeciras, where the waters of the Sea Mediterranean meet with those of the Atlantic Ocean.

It has the only Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve in the world: the Andalusian-Moroccan Intercontinental Mediterranean Biosphere Reserve and two natural spaces of the size of the Alcornocales Natural Park and the Estrecho Natural Park.